Top 10 business opportunities in recent times

business opportunities

Being a successful business person and entrepreneur is the focus around taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. The two main drivers that predict the success of any business venture are the analysis of human consumption behavior and the second is your ability to anticipate future trends regarding this behavior.

Your creativity and foresightedness are the factors to find different avenues to generate revenue, even if for a limited amount of time. If you diversify your effort, it will enhance the chances for success without increasing your workload. The technology-driven economic scenario, where the mobile and internet have become the norms of the day, there are numerous business ideas which are based on recent human consumption habits both in terms of tangible products and services. With the help of the cutting edge technologies, you can directly deliver the product and services without using intermediaries.

We can make out a list of top 10 business opportunities you can choose among them.

  1. Chat bot Agency: – Chat bots have changed the entire business process into a different perspective. They have changed the way the companies are interacting with their target audiences. These are the dedicated pieces of software which are becoming necessary tools of companies of all sizes. You can capitalize on this by creating a chat bot building agency. It does not require any coding or technology or knowledge. By using platforms like “chatty people”, you can create an Artificial Intelligence powered bot very quickly. It offers a purely visual interface and since you can create bots for free, you can practice and polish your skills until you are ready to offer your services.
  2. Translator: – In a globalized economic world, mastering in more than one language can be of great advantage. If you are fluent in a foreign language, you can provide translation services that help companies translate documents and establish effective communication channels with other organizations. If you have experience in a particular field like law, medicines, you can even specialize in providing technical translations.
  3. Data Entry Services: – Data entry is one of those tasks that does not require much skill, but is wildly available in large volumes. Although the payouts for this may not be very high, the size of volume and case of work would be an attractive option to complete it in the spare time and without using train power.
  4. APP Tester: – If you have a Smartphone, you can sign up to become an App tester. Application developers offer need to test their product on different devices, models and software versions.
    You have to download the application, install it in your phone and test drives it although you might have to pay to download some applications, most of the developers will refund the cost when they pay you for your services.
  1. Writing Product Reviews: – Just like the application testing, some companies offer the opportunity to make money by writing product reviews on certain e-commerce sites. Since many individuals and companies offer those services, you have to be creative and must offer a unique selling point. The best way to remain an odd man out is to remain honest and find the best tone of voice that caters to readers. The more friendly you sound; the more likely you are to catch readers attention.
  2. Start your own Blog: – Since the creation of an income-generating blog has become quite difficult, you have to find the right subject and the style that attracts good readership. You can start blogging traveling, giving tips to others to get around your city and other topics regarding their safety and comforts. Once you have a solid base of your followers, you can make money by selling spots for advertisement on your page, joining programs like Google Adsense or by offering a paid subscription with access to some extra privileges or by offering a paid subscription with access to some extra resources.
  3. Online Courses: – If you have valuable knowledge, people might be ready and willing to pay for. You can start online courses that help individuals gain an understanding of the knowledge you have. The benefit of online course is that you can design your lesson structure. For example if you have extensive knowledge on social media marketing, you can offer a series of ten lessons that cover topic so as to increase the engagement of the audience and monetizing your contents.
  4. Create a popular Social Media Channel: – Social media is one of the most effective communication channels available today. If you have a large group of followers, companies may be interested in using your social media channels or profile as a marketing platform so as generate revenue directly from your follower base.
  5. Consulting Service: – Depending upon your field of expertise, you can provide consultancy on a freelance basis. Consultants often get better earrings than employees who work within an organization and normally have more freedom. Besides helping companies address imminent gaps in their structure, being a consultant you get involved and become a part of the team without making a long term commitment to dilute your flexibility.
  6. Online Re-seller: – By becoming the re-seller, you can take advantage of e-com platforms to become a trader of a lot of products or service of your choice through buy them in bulk and reselling then in retail to individuals.

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